What is the European Business Innovation Centre of Murcia?

The European Business Innovation Centre of Murcia (CEEIM) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to:

  • Promote an entrepreneurial spirit and business innovation in society, whilst encouraging an entrepreneurial culture from early ages.
  • Support the creation and consolidation of innovative technology-based companies.
  • Facilitate the raise of smart capital and the professionalisation of private investors through Murcia Ban


CEEIM Values

  • Results orientation.
  • Professionalism.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Proactivity.
  • Collaborative spirit.


CEEIM Vision

CEEIM as an international reference of good practices in the field of entrepreneurship and innovative technology-based companies.


CEEIM Founders

Actively involved in the development of our Region 

CEEIM, as an organisation of a foundational nature, has been created by the will of its founders, who have selflessly contributed, financed and developed the principles, values and mission that should guide the performance of the Centre.

In the establishment of CEEIM, a heterogeneous set of public agencies, financial entities and private companies have participated, which operate in the main economic and business sectors of our Region. This arrangement is meant to facilitate the interactions and maximise the contributions that each of these organisations will make based on their duties as members of the Centre’s management or advisory board.


General Board

The General Board is the organ of government, representation and administration of the CEEIM Foundation, which is subject to the legal system and the Statutes of the entity. The administration of the assets and rights of the Foundation is one of the main tasks of the Board.



A qualified human team, led by its Director, consummates the organisational network comprising CEEIM. Its components are located in a modern building in the University Campus of Espinardo, where business project analysts, business consultants and innovation managers can be found. The Centre is constituted by a General Board where experts in the economic and business sectors take part, with special attention to the Murcian market. Their expertise is complemented by a highly qualified team of advisors and technicians, altogether forming the Centre’s organigram.