Proyecto RYME+ Project

RYME+ Project description: 

RYME+ Project is based on the results of its predecessor RYME (SUDOE 07-13), which developed and tested a methodology that proved effective for the internationalization of innovative companies of SUDOE. Now, in order to reach the objective pursued, this methodology will be adapted for its on-line implementation through a powerful platform of internationalization of SMEs of SUDOE that will allow the launch of an open call that will reach more than 7000 companies of the regions participating in the Which is expected to register 200 on the platform for the diagnosis of its internationalization capacity.


Of these, 100 will be selected for commercial preparation and training, initiating matching and mentoring processes using innovative tools implemented in the platform that allow them to develop internationally. Once prepared, the top 50 will be selected to participate in 5 international missions in which they will meet with companies from the United States, Brazil and Uruguay, as well as a Benchmarking mission in Israel.



RYME+ aims to develop and promote the business structure of the SUDOE area by increasing competitiveness, resilience, wealth and innovation creation and technological development of their SMEs, guiding them to international markets, benchmarking, to share good practices and to establish trade relationships.



With RYME+ selected companies will have access to the following benefits:

  • International networking RYME+ will give you access to an international network of support. Through the web platform you can interact with innovative SMEs from other countries and make contact with RYME+ partners that can help you find the most suitable commercial partner for your company.
  • Mentoring RYME+ will give you access to a network of international mentors that will guide you through every step of the internationalisation process.
  • Commercial preparation RYME+ will help you to prepare your company commercially, giving advice and recommendations for successfully affording an internationalization process.
  • Training in foreign markets RYME+ will provide training in legal requirements, tax frameworks, cultural barriers, funding, etc to guarantee you the best entry into every market.
  • Speed meetings RYME+ will help you accelerate the interaction with other innovative companies through the arrangement of multilateral speed meetings.
  • Trade and benchmarking missions RYME+ will give you the chance to go on trade missions to Brazil, United States of America and Uruguay or on a benchmarking mission to Israel with the purpose of transferring good practices of entrepreneurship and technology development.