Fundcelerator Project

FundCelerator Project description:

FUNDCELERATOR project will aim at developing a new fund raising support methodology targeting innovative and high-growth potential SMEs operating in markets characterized by long time-to-market paths (typically more than 3 years, such as in biotech, medical devices, materials, cleantech, aeronautics, etc.).


Based on their respective experience, knowledge and already developed fund raising support tools and methodologies, the 4 involved innovation support organizations will make use of the “Twinning advanced” methodological approach to collaboratively build and test an improved fund raising acceleration support programme dedicated to the target group SMEs, relying also, in a systemic mode, on all the existing fund raising support services provided by other regional private or public stakeholders.


Objectives: Develop an improved innovation support methodology

  • An individual supporting tool for each start-up, and not as a collective tool, taking account the very specific growth challenges at stake for each company profile (market sector, development’s stage, etc.)
  • Make use of all the existing support tools already provided by other regional private or public actors highly specialized/skilled in a particular fund raising scheme
  • Cover every step, from the fund raising preparation (business plan building, training to pitch, mentoring/coaching, etc.), until the meeting with the investors, including as well the negotiation and decision phase that should lead to the investment
  • Assess the right time to start this funds raising process as a function of each sector and business model specificities
  • Access to high level sector-specific experts