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The objective of the YES project is to contribute to European competitiveness and accelerate regional economic growth through the promotion of entrepreneurial attitude in the next generation. Therefore, the project aims to integrate an entrepreneurial perspective into the education system and increase the number of young entrepreneurs.


YES will influence policies such as regional/local development plans, growth and innovation plans and school curricula by capitalising on new knowledge and good practices on how to integrate entrepreneurship into the education system. The project originates from the regional need to absorb new knowledge and inspiration in youth entrepreneurship strategies.


YES aims to work with new methods to review regional policies on youth entrepreneurship and disseminate lessons learned and good practices acquired. For example:


  • Develop a method to map the prerequisites for promoting youth entrepreneurship in regional development policies and education systems.
  • Conduct an inter-regional mapping and a joint inter-regional analysis where similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses are identified.