Companies will receive training in aspects related to the internationalisation of their products and services in France, Portugal, USA and Brazil. Through a computer platform developed ad-hoc, companies will be able to initiate matching with potential partners in other countries. This tool will help the 100 companies from the five selected territories to promote their technological or commercial synergies, always under the supervision and dynamisation of the project partners. In addition, the companies will benefit from the collaboration of the partners with business schools and universities in their territory, which will develop market studies focused on the target markets and sectors (Biotechnology, Green Energy, and ICT).





RYME (Reactivation of SMEs: Innovation and International) is a European project co-financed by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), through the SUDOE Territorial Cooperation Programme.
The objective of RYME will be to support and improve the international development of 100 young innovative companies in Portugal, France, Spain, USA, and Brazil: 50 SUDOE companies (20 French, 10 Portuguese and 20 Spanish), as well as 50 complementary companies (25 from USA and 25 from Brazil), which will be selected through an innovation diagnosis.