you are EU





The overall objective of this project was to raise awareness of the importance of EU policies and programmes in the development and promotion of current and future entrepreneurs, innovative and technology-based enterprises as an engine of growth and European competitiveness.


  • Contribute to raising awareness of the EU at a social level, highlighting EU policies and programmes.
  • Promote business to boost business growth taking into account European policies from the creation of innovative and technology-based companies, enhancing the creation of knowledge-based employment.
  • Raise awareness and encourage the participation of SMEs in European projects that increase their competitiveness and achieve European added value.
  • To ensure that the regional media and educational instituions are fully aware of EU policies and funding programmes and their capacity to boost business development and growth, as well as the professional development opportunities they can find at European level.





The project developed a series of actions in order to achieve the objectives described above. These actions included:

  1. Two workshops addressed to technological and innovative companies.
  2. Two workshops addressed to students and communication professionals.
  3. Two workshops aimed at teachers from schools, vocational training centers and universities.
  4. Three days of open doors.
  5. Continuous dissemination on social networks, encouraging debate.
  6. Development of an eBook aimed at parents’ associations of students detailing the tools available at a European level to improve and complete their children’s education.