aRRIba: Early Age EntRepreneuRshIp Promotion to Boost scientific-technological vocAtion









Cascade Funding Project Reinforcing: Responsible Territories and Institutions enable and Foster open research and inclusive innovation for transition and governance.






RRI, scientific entrepreneurship, early ages, scientific vocation, co-creation, innovation, active learning





The aRRIba project is led by CEEIM in collaboration with Prismático Innova, a company specialised in agile methodologies such as Co-creation, Lean Startup and Design Thinking. aRRIba aims to promote scientific entrepreneurship in primary school students through active methodologies as a way to encourage scientific-technological vocation. The project aims to reverse the current situation in the Region of Murcia, which has only 13% of STEAM graduates, one of the lowest percentages in Spain. There is evidence that in order to foster STEAM profiles it is crucial to awaken the scientific and technological vocation at an early age, in fact studies indicate that attitudes towards school science in young people develop before the age of 14.


Main objective:

Promote scientific entrepreneurship based on Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) among primary school students in the Region of Murcia (Spain), following a multi-stakeholder approach to enhance scientific and entrepreneurial vocation and skills from an early age in order to respond to the growing demand for a technology-based workforce.


Specific objectives:

  • Identify and involve relevant actors within the educational community to design, promote and implement innovative solutions in this sector.
  • Co-create an innovative educational resource following a multi-stakeholder approach with a diverse and expert group composed of representatives from the educational, scientific and business communities.
  • Develop a prototype of an educational tool or resource to promote scientific entrepreneurship in primary
  • Promote scientific entrepreneurship in primary education and validate the prototype through a pilot experience in primary education.
  • Raise awareness and contribute to fostering innovation in the local ecosystem, reaching a significant number of primary schools in the region, providing them with the materials and tools generated, through dissemination actions aimed at science teachers.





  • Research on scientific entrepreneurship at an early age and understanding the didactic, curricular and educational requirements of Primary Education in the Region of Murcia.
  • Co-creation of an innovative didactic toolkit for scientific entrepreneurship. Co-create together with the educational and scientific community a didactic tool that helps to promote scientific entrepreneurship in the primary school classroom.
  • Pilot and validation phase: to validate in a real environment (primary school classrooms) the prototype designed in the previous phase, in order to optimise the tool and include possible improvements.





  • CEEIM (Spain)
  • Prismático Innova (Spain)





20.000 €